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Teen's suicide calls anti-bullying programs into question

By QMI Agency

GRANBY, Que. -- The mother of a Quebec teen who killed herself asked people on Saturday not to condemn the girl accused of driving her daughter to suicide.

Chantal Larose gave a brief press conference Saturday afternoon before burying her daughter's ashes at a cemetery in Granby Que., about 80 km southeast of Montreal.

Marjorie Raymond, 15, hanged herself in her family's garage on Monday.

Her mother said she had been the victim of bullying in her town of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, about 500 km northeast of Quebec City.

In her suicide note, Marjorie asked to be buried next to her grandfather.

"The battle that we are fighting is against intimidation," Larose said at the cemetery Saturday.

"The young girl that we are beating on these days, it goes against the battle I am fighting," she said, referring to the girl who has been severely criticized on social networking sites for Marjorie's death.

Marjorie's suicide sparked a firestorm all the way to Quebec's legislature, with calls for a review of provincial anti-bullying programs.

Marjorie Raymond's smiling face was seen on every television screen and newspaper cover in Quebec this week, with details of a gripping suicide note she left for her parents prior to taking her life on Monday.

In the three-page letter, Marjorie blamed "jealous people" for her misery, accusing them of "want(ing) to spoil our happiness."

"Mom, I'm sorry about what I did," Marjorie continued. "You're the best mom in the world. I'll be your guardian angel. My place is in heaven."

More than 200 people took part in a march against intimidation Saturday in Montreal. The march was dedicated to Marjorie.

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